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Tube Guides can be Diamond Polished either on the Outside or the Inside (bore)

We define the Tube as a circular enclosure of aspect ratio < 2.0. Tube Guides can be used to guide the wire either on the outside or through the bore of the tube. The former serves the function of a Rod Guide with a through hole to facilitate fixation or attachment. The later is secured on the outside using the bore as the wear bearing surface, including the entrance and the exit. In this case diamond polishing comes into play to reduce friction, which upgrades wire quality and extends the service life. Photo below depicts a semi-finished and a diamond lapped tube bore surface bisected to show the difference in surface finish. TUBE 4

We keep Tube Guides on inventory in SF (semi- finished), to be Diamond Polished, either on the O. D. or the I. D. upon request. We also offer to grind the O. D. to fit your machine, provided the total reduction does not exceed 0.15 mm, whereas the wall thickness after the reduction is no thinner then 1.0 mm.




Drawings underneath depcit the tubular guides we are capable of offering.




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