The most frequently asked questions regarding ceramic wire guides and coil winding nozzles are answered here.  While we have made every effort to answer them as adequately as possible, we realize that they may not be the answer you are looking for or you may just feel the need to obtain more detailed and comprehensive information than what we have provided.  Please feel free to use the Contact Us Form to send us questions or comments which you may have. It will be our pleasure to offer you answers to the best of our capability.


Q: How do you design your air wipes?
A. We design our air wipes based upon sound physical principles. Please see
Air Wipe-The basic Rules  for details.

Q: How do you verify that the Vortex does exist?
A. Please see The Vortex Illustrated.

Q: What is the maximum velocity of the air in your air wipe?
A. The air velocity we routinely register in our air wipe is 577 mph which considerably exceeds the maximum
    wind speed 319 - 379 mph in a full-grown tornado.  Indeed, to date the maximum air velocity we registered
    in our air wipe was: 1,249 mph.

Q: How do I select wire guides?
A: Please see How to Select Wire Guides?

Q: How do I select coil winding nozzles?
A: Please see How to Select Coil Winding Nozzles?

Q: How do I clean coil winding nozzles?
A: Please see How to Clean Coil Winding Nozzles?

Q: Do you ship on open accounts?
A. Yes. Please see our Credit Policy,

Q: Why diamond lap wire guides?
A: Please see Why Diamond Lapping?

Q: How do you define surface finish?
A: Please see Surface Finish Introduction.

Q: What is a Profilometer?
A: This is a device dedicated to measure the surface finish of machined components, most commonly using a     diamond stylus. Laser interferometer is another option.

Q: What are the properties of the materials you choose for wire guides?
A: Please see Material Characteristics.