Eyelet Guide Grooved

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Grooved Eyelet Guide can be secured in place with a retaining or clip ring, eliminating the glues or epoxies. This is specifically desirable where the eyelet wire guide is exposed to elevated temperature, which ruins the epoxy. All Flanged Eyelet Wire Guides by COSMOS can be grooved upon request, at a nominal charge, provided the minimum wall thickness is kept at 1.0 mm after grooving. See diagram below left.  Groove widths available: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 mm.. Representative Eyelet Wire Guide Grooved on inventory are illustrated.

WIRE GUIDES-MINIMUM WALL THICKNESS OF GROOVED EYELETWire Guides - Eyelet E 028Wire Guide - Eyelet E 029Wire Guide - Eyelet E 031Wire Guide - Eyelet E 032Wire Guide - Eyelet E 048WIRE GUIDES-GROOVED EYELET E 121 GWire Guide - Eyelet E 158Wire Guide - Eyelet E 262


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